Be Yourself – Everyone Else is Already Taken (Oscar Wilde)

I always used to wonder why people wrote self promoting blogs. The thought of me publicly telling everyone who would listen how great I am makes me shudder.


There is however, a LOT of self promotional ‘blurb’ out there in the blogashere and recently some of it got me thinking about the reasons people feel the need to tell the world how amazing they are.

I mean its unlikely that I would miss how completely mind blowing all these people are, because all their awesomeness speaks for itself…….doesn’t it?!


I am not pretending for one second that I don’t let my friends know when i’ve done something i’m proud of. I am one of the first people to try and take a double page ad out in the Guardian to let those close to me know i’ve attained a goal (unfortunately the cost of this has so far been an obstacle to me getting anything printed in a broadsheet but I find making my own posters out of old A4 envelopes and tying them to lamp posts with zip wires works equally as well),


There is a definite temptation to bend the truth, deflect from the facts, be less than generous with the details when relaying details of achievements and success. This is human nature after all. We want people to think well of us, admire us and tell us how fabulous we are. Why? Because it makes us feel good about ourselves. So yes, you passed that exam (who needs to know you wrote the answers on your inner arm?), came first in the race (after cutting half the course ) but YOU are GREAT!


Only, there is a fine line between communicating success well and looking like a contestant on X-factor that gets all the laughs for the wrong reasons. I can only imagine how exhausting it is keeping up the pretence of being something that you aren’t for months or years (I’d only worn the Unicorn outfit from Cosco for 5 hours before I was hot, knackered and wondering whether animals could actually drink expresso – a fact i’d forgotten to investigate prior to telling myself living as a unicorn would bring me so many benefits).


I suspect that some people seek and need approval from others because of a lack of confidence. Whilst I understand this, I struggle to feel comfortable with people bending the truth and publicly promoting the details as fact. There is nothing more disappointing in learning that someone is not who you thought they were ( I speak from experience here- learning that it was not in fact my elder brother but a stranger resembling him, that i’d playfully punched in the stomach whilst yelling hey fatty, on the steps of Hull New Theatre was an excruciatingly embarrassing moment for me. Luckily he didn’t call the police and I wasn’t charged with assault. Had this occurred on Bransholme it would have been a very different outcome!).


So celebrate who you are and what you have achieved, but maintain your individuality and your integrity. If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people ( Virginia Woolf).




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