One of those days….


Woke up feeling motivated but my body has other ideas today. A quick swim through treacle and a short attempt at lifting some weights confirmed a rest is in order today. Although I’m pretty sure someone had swapped all the numbers on the weights……


So here I am researching methylation, why we are over diagnosed with “low iron” – don’t you ever wonder why or where it goes….? Well you should! Personally taking iron for 8 months did little to raise my levels, so I’m taking another route , that doesn’t involve taking any more iron.(more on this after my next round of tests!).

A similar thing has happened with Vitamin D, months of supplementation and exercise outdoors, a week in Cyprus, 2 in Hawaii and one in Lanzarote and I was still “deficient” apparently.  And I am not alone in this. Which suggests one of two things – the way we test isn’t giving us the full picture, the underlying mechanism by which the body makes this hormone ( yes its a hormone) isn’t working efficiently.  And maybe its both.


Food for thought…..






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