My thoughts are free to go anywhere….


Todays thoughts:





Well obviously I had more than two thoughts ( or maybe thats not obvious……). But those are my main take ways from todays lessons. I had some sad news this morning and as I ran shortly after, with a lump in my throat and my stride a little more effortful than usual, I thought about how time disappears whilst we wait for things to happen. And that whilst it passes and we are willing it to, that the little everyday things, the things we take for granted are actually the most important things in life.

It’s not the week away on a beach that we think about when someone we love is no longer around, but the warmth of their body next to us as we lay in bed, the mess that they leave on the floor when they get out of the shower, the way their hand fits in ours, and more. Money doesn’t buy these things, they  simply happen, filling the time that passes, almost unnoticed, whilst we wait for great things to happen.

And my second thought….well, a lot of people know a lot stuff, but some aren’t very knowledgable…..

Until tomorrow.



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