Another year older, non the wiser.

I have spent today doing things I love, swimming (ok that might be a stretch….even to say I like swimming is a bit of a push), cycling and eating. And reflecting on the fact that I appear to be spending my 40’s undoing all the damage I did to my body in my 20’s and 30’s.

A birthday swim early this morning confirmed my suspicions, I had not developed gills or scales overnight (despite forgetting to moisturise), and 5 years on I still feel like a novice. Taking my  floats off might be the first step in overcoming this, but thats easier said then done when  they are sewn into your swim suit!


A hearty breakfast of a sausage sandwich and a slab of banana cake and I was ready to go out and attack the local mountains with my husband, on my bike.  Or at least the undulations felt like mountains. The swim had been hard work, so hard that my brain now assumed I was peddling with my arms and it wasn’t long before I was feeling weary.



However this provided an excellent excuse for a huge lunch. Unfortunately all I could find was this small snack…..


Well it is my Birthday 🙂


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