Embarrassing bodies…

Ever arrived at the pool to find that you’ve packed children swimwear? No? Well guess what I did today…. pulling  the swim suit out of my bag I felt a sudden stab of horror as I realised I had grabbed a swimsuit that had been an erroneous purchase a few years earlier. An age 12 year old swimsuit was snug four years ago so I had a nagging suspicion it was going to be almost indecent now.

My worries were allayed once I had pulled it on. As long as I hunched forwards to shorten my torso, and shuffled strategically with back against the wall, I was ok. I just looked like any other middle aged woman wearing a child’s swimsuit and acting strangely. Luckily I fit right in at the local pool.

Hunching in the shower (back against the wall), I overheard two elderly women chatting. One lady was saying that her aim was to run 5k at the park run this year, that 10k was a bit far but she hoped to manage 5k. She then wiggled her ear lobes with her hands and said “I’m ticking all these things off, had my ears pierced, going to run this 5k and I can swim three quarters of a length” Her face lit up and she raised her clenched fists to her shoulders and shook them with glee. “Oh I can get in and help you with that” said her 70 something year old friend.

It made me smile broadly.  I had been privy to a truly wonderful moment. Proof that you are never to old to have dreams and ambitions and that you’re never to old to pursue them. I forgot about being trapped inside a swimsuit too small to breathe in and flashed them both a grin…..before quickly regaining my hunchback pose. I didn’t want to flash anything else.



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