If I was meant to be controlled, I would have come with a remote.

Last night my son came to me with a “school project” he had been working on. When I say working on, I really mean he had completed it.

Now I am not proud of him for doing this, and before I continue I would just like to add (in case any of his teachers are reading this- doubtful, but anyway…), I did tell him that doing things like this was not a good idea.

As he explained to me that he had designed the poster below and distributed across the entire school, sticking it up wherever he found a spare piece of wall, I felt something rise inside of me. Try as I might the mask of parental concern was slipping, as the belly laugh worked its way up my throat.


I laughed because this is exactly the sort of mischievous prank I used to do at school. Although we didn’t have access to computers then, but I think lobbing toilet rolls across the room we had barricaded ourselves into, whilst keeping hold of the end in order to obtain a giant streamer effect was possibly on a par.


He told me that my reaction was the same as his teachers, she had tried to tell him off, but couldn’t. She had asked him “what if a parent had seen this?”  . He had given the same reply to me . accompanied by a huge grin and a glint in his eye, ” well this is what i think the school cares about, they are all important issues to the school..”. And how can you argue with that….?

It may sound strange, but it made me happy that he had done this. Partly for reminding me of myself and my own school days, but also because he is finally discovering who he is. For a kid with Aspergers, that’s no mean feat. I just hope that he is able to manage his rebellious streak, but also that it lives in him forever, just as mine lives in me.



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