I go to nature to soothe my soul.

If I were to compare my week to an activity, It would maybe be comparable to sitting on the turbo for a really long time. In fact it would be like cycling the Sella Ronda on a fixie. With the exception of 10 minutes speeding carefree, down one of the lovely descents, when suddenly I find myself on a stolen P5.

Today my eldest son (the analyst ūüėČ ) and I went for a lovely muddy walk through the woods. Armed with his new, refurbed polaroid we slid up and down trails, looking for a perfect shot. I love being outside and at his age I found nature fascinating, beautiful and soothing. I still do.

Often in life, when we are searching for something special, something outstanding, we fail to find it. Maybe we expect too much, look too hard or simply want something that does not exist. Nature never fails to deliver. There is always an interesting sky framed by  branches, old, wise and barren or young and supple; much like some of us.  There is always a beautiful terrain, hypnotising light that filters through grasses or falls onto a barely visible path Рenticing you to follow.

As my son led me up a steep trail, which years earlier must have seen Sir Edmund Hillary deliberate it’s ascent, I struggled to keep my balance and began to slip backwards. Just like life, I thought; you think you’re almost there and suddenly, you’re back on your arse covered in mud.



When we made it to the top and turned to look back, I realised my son had been right – this was the best route. The landscape was stunning, the way the path gently twisted and turned, it’s trodden surface contrasted against the woody foliage either side, and trees in the distance reminding us that we were tiny pieces in a huge world.



His polaroid snaps, taken with such care and attention, did not develop because of the cold, the colours shades of muted green. ¬†” They are still good” he told me ” They’re really good, it doesn’t matter about the colour”. And he is right.They are¬†nearly perfect pictures, after all, like life, it is all about perception.





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