We are all the same but different

Todays amusement came in the shape of two youngsters in the gym. I’m not entirely sure what it is about men of a certain age and their relationship with weights that encourages them to behave like toddlers.


Puce, shouting and throwing weights on the floor. Actually they were dropping them on the floor, which made me wonder if maybe they both had some kind of muscular problem. Then I realised that this was indeed the case, they had a terrible case of “too heavyitis”. This common affliction tends to affect males and is more apparent when they are with other men wearing similar attire. Group size does not appear to dictate the extent of the symptoms, although anecdotal evidence suggests that in larger packs behaviour is exaggerated.



David Attenborough has suggested that this behaviour is not directionally proportional to the weight lifted as was suggested by The Worlds Strongest Man, but is actually due to the phenomenon known as the Strength Paradox. This tribal display is thought to be a warning to other gym users to stay away from the squat rack. Others have indicated that it proceeds in a sequential manner, increasing in volume and exaggerated movement in an effort to attract a female, but anecdotal evidence and field studies have proved that this has the opposite effect. One wonders then, why they continue….

It made me think, all sports have their stereotypes, and these two comedians were probably the equivalent of a triathlete in full compression gear and a race T shirt. The only difference being that these guys weren’t at an airport. Or a supermarket. Or the cinema.


I mused over their attention seeking behaviour and I did draw lots of parallels between us and them. Where these guys have their squat rack,  triathletes have their TT bikes, complete with all the bling. Where these guys wear their weight belts, triathletes have their number belts. They have have their protein shakes, triathletes have 2000 gels.

The strutting around and throwing of weights seemed exactly as I had been at the pool yesterday when I slipped on some shampoo in the communal shower and then threw my pull buoy down in a rage.


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