Your path is beautiful and crooked, just as it should be

Things change, we change. Sometimes we don’t anticipate  the path  our life takes because we naturally have a plan in our mind,an expectation, of what will happen.

This can be helpful; by having a plan and setting goals we work hard and strive to achieve them, confidence increases as does our self belief. Anchoring our dreams gives us direction, a sense of purpose and satisfaction when we are successful.


When things don’t proceed the way we imagine they will, the way they have in the past, it can make us question whether we are capable.  Self doubt can sit on the shoulder of even the most outwardly confident person. It whispers in our ears, asking us if we are sure, if we are ready, if we are really that stupid.


The past year has taught me that being flexible is the biggest weapon I can wield again self doubt. Having mental flexibility has allowed me to adjust my goals and expect something different. Maybe not ‘less’ because I still strive to be the best that I can be at that time, but that doesn’t mean being the strongest, the fastest, the leanest, being perfect. It can mean trying to forgive myself for feeling negative, for being harsh to myself. Some days this works, some days I realise that I still have work to do – because as we know, life is frustrating at times.


But it is amazing how we adapt our attitudes and expectations. And enjoyment and happiness isn’t about numbers, or whether I can still fit into a size 6. It can’t be measured. Its about how I feel. Whether I am running 8 minute miles or 7 minute miles, I work as hard as when I was running 6 minute miles and the joy is as intense.

And in the end, everything will work out because I truly believe that there is a plan for all of us…



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