Ready, set, snow!

Today brought my first snow run of the year. I don’t think that I am alone in my love of snow running and the hundreds of snowy landscapes, snapped on peoples runs earlier today, reflect that.

The bright, crisp white immediately lifts my mood. I feel like I am running beneath the glow of a huge Lumie light on it’s full beam. It’s one of the few times that I reach for my camera before I head off. I stop to capture the brilliance that radiates from the distant hills and the golden rays that threaten to escape from between the clouds, lying heavy and stagnant in the sky.


It is the contrast that captivates me. The starkness of the surroundings, all colour erased, a blank canvas which can fill the mind with tranquil thoughts or allow it’s usually distracted noise to spring into action like a cacophony of car horns. But I can out run noise. Not literally of course. That would be silly, I didn’t eat shredded wheat for breakfast for a start.  I can silence the voices, the tormentors, the whispering self doubts, because today there is pure, beautiful brilliant white. Everywhere I look. And I think to myself, that this is maybe what some of heaven feels like. A cocoon of beauty, soft, captivating, allowing me to just be.


The cold is something I don’t usually relish, but the experience of snow somehow warms me and I love being out in it as long as possible when running. The rawness of the biting wind whipping my face reminds me that this is what life is all about. I feel alive.

Later, when I am returning home I notice  a procession of small children in the distance. They are making their way across the fields with huge, surf like snow boards, bigger than their tiny frames can easily manage. The are trudging with purpose, silhouetted against the snow, like ink spots moving across blotting paper, or like a small army of ants each carrying a leaf. It makes me smile. And then I laugh, recalling childhood memories of snow and sledging. This is what life is all about.


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