Look into my eyes….(not around my eyes)

So yesterday I did something kind of cool. Or at least I think it’S cool. Some people don’t get it, and that’s ok , some may think its a load of baloney – and they are really missing out.


I’ve wanted to visit an Iridologist for a while, thats someone who can read your eyes! I learnt about this a couple of years ago and have been fascinated by the idea of being to look at someones eyes and tell whats going on in their body – their inherent weaknesses, their silent battles.

So yesterday I was introduced to someone who has a good reputation as an Iridologist and I asked him to look at my eyes.





I didn’t tell him and still haven’t, about any of my health issues ( the ones i know about) and this is what he saw….

“Notice the brown appearing around your pupil? This brown is displaying toxicity sitting in the GI tract which is influencing other weaknesses in the body. 6 O clock I see weakness of the Kidney and adrenal gland so possible low blood pressure. I see lower back weakness here which looks to have a build up of congestion. Congestion in your bladder. I see weakness of the cerebellum 12 O clock with a lot of lymphatic congestion locked around this weakness so you may get dizziness/equilibrium issues from this. Heavily congested sinuses. I see calcium issues by just looking at the fibres pushing outside of your pupil which is the wall of your bowel. This tells me your body is not utilizing calcium efficiently due to the bowels pocketing and when your body is not utilizing calcium well, you see weakness of connective tissue. Your thyroid/parathyroid gland controls this and when we look at your parathyroid gland its showing heavy congestion suppressing this gland. This is where you see the bruising easily/bleeding easy/spider veins/varicose veins/split toenails and fingernails/depression. I see 12 O clock pituitary gland showing heavy congestion around this gland which also may be influencing this thyroid weakness. i see weakness of the heart. I see right groin/upper leg/appendix weakness. I see heavy congestion in your gallbladder and weakness of the Liver. Heavy congestion in your pancreas so possible issues digesting certain foods. I see ballooning on this ascending colon influencing this neck/ear weakness. Also the yellow in your sclera is a sign your gallbladder may be congested which i can see it is! Really need to address your GI tract because it looks to be a heavy influence of the issues occurring in the body.”

So, firstly, this is kind of scary. I have had ongoing gut/ GI issues, I have hypothyroid symptoms and adrenal symptoms, my calcium is sky high, my appendix came out in August, my blood pressure is very low. I get dizzy – frequently. I have multiple food sensitivities that cause issues. I have developed back pain. I am often depressed ( although its improving). I was totally blown away by the accuracy of this. And for those of you who think it’s rubbish; I feel deeply sad for you.





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