You learn something everyday, if you pay attention

Discovering that its rained 3 feet of water and your car is sunken into a field that masquerades as a car park ( good old NHS staff parking) makes for an interesting afternoon. Tentatively I got into the car and willed it to move but predictably ramming my foot hard to the accelerator didn’t bring the desired results.



Several minutes of wheel spinning and I was going nowhere. How appropriate I thought, once again my stubbornness and blinkered approach is not actually getting me closer to my goal!  The harder I pushed, the less I was moving. After some more sliding back and forth I recalled that there was a sheet of tarpaulin in the car boot. And I decided trying to get it under the wheels could maybe get me moving.  After a bit of a fight with a sheet of fabric the size of a large gazebo in gale force winds and rain, I was ready to give getting out of the bog another go. A quick look in the rear view mirror revealed I wouldn’t be needing my nightly mudpack, or a spray tan. I was sure my husband would be as impressed with the mud encrusted steering wheel and handprints on the dashboard as I was with having to impersonate a mud runner contestant. Maybe I should try an Ironman next.


Success! A few hairy slides and a narrow miss with a fiesta and I was free. Hooray! Now I could scoop up the 8 foot square tarpaulin which was no longer blue and fold it neatly. This was an interesting exercise as the wind had other ideas. Had it not been lashing with rain I would have been hot and bothered but a combination of sideways rain and dripping mud was quite cooling. As I fought with the giant blue/brown sheet, untangling myself, I mused how this must be what a mud wrap beauty treatment must be like. Or maybe not.

Every day life gives us lessons from which we can chose to learn or simply ignore as annoying inconveniences.



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