Sunshine on a cloudy day. And a ramble….


Generally I find Mondays to be a struggle. Even following the most sedate weekend I am usually tired and my insomnia is rampant on Sunday evenings.  This week was no exception, but happily I am feeling really good today.

Recently I have been pondering over the marvel of science and research. Its hard to change the way you think, when the way you think, is the way you’ve always thought.  But maybe the way I’ve always thought is because I have never been open minded enough to consider that research cannot support or disprove every theory. Just because we can’t prove or disprove something, doesn’t mean it’s useless. Maybe it means that as a race we just haven’t figured out the way to measure something, or that what we are tying to measure is not what we should be measuring after all.

Being blinded by science can be confusing and yet comforting. It’s nice to know that hat you are doing works because someone has run a trial supporting it’s efficacy. Except that’s just not the way things always work. Which is why theories develop, attitudes change and as consumers we turn our backs on tried and tested products and treatments.

Science is only as good as we are at applying it. And just like a Barbie doll thats been left on the rear car seat in 4o degree heat, it can be manipulated. So lately I have been swinging between the need for cold hard facts; Since; Evidence and something less tangible, but intriguing and that holds just as much purpose and direction. Both of them overheated Barbies.


Most people reading this will wonder what I am talking about. Some of you will understand. The quest for truth, for finding answers is never ending because we are constantly searching for bigger and better more effective replies to our questions. And because of course, Barbie can always be bent, moulded, posed as desired.

Fortunately I was always a Sindy girl. And although I chopped off her hair and pierced her ears with pins, she didn’t bend. UK summers were never hot enough.



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