Trust the process

I am learning that patience is truly a virtue when it comes to health.   I have always been one one to rush in with an all or nothing approach; an enthusiasm to get things finished before I have even started. Seemingly improving my health is no exception.

But some things can’t be rushed. Today as I was running I was thinking this experience is really just like Ironman training. It is going to take endurance, and patience. Some days I feel like I am going nowhere fast, backwards even, and I wonder why I am bothering to try, whilst on others I feel gains. Small gains, but all the same. #marginal


Of course when I started this process of trying to improve my health, I had no idea just how closely it would resemble training for an endurance event. The daily grind, the repetition, the fatigue and sometimes nonchalance that accompanies it on a bad day. The only difference is the energy gels have been replaced with vitamins, minerals and supplements with unpronounceable names.

The problem, I decided today. is that in our fast paced world where we expect instant results, we have forgotten that building something great takes time and love. It also takes patience.


There is nothing greater, nothing that deserves our love more than ourselves and each other. But the demands and deadlines we constantly place on ourselves can be  unrealistic, unachievable at best and at worst damaging. Health is no different.

But it’s not easy being a patient patient. Trusting the process is all we can do.



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