Laughter is the language of the soul



Whilst inadvertently running on the spot due to quite strong winds today, I found myself giggling at the absurdity of it. This had two effects, firstly my frustration at not moving very fast i.e. anywhere, dissolved and secondly I looked like a  slightly more insane version of myself than I had a few seconds previously.

It has been a while since I laughed a lot or frequently, but of late I have been laughing daily. With this I have been reminded of both the power of a smile and laughing out loud. An infectious feeling, capable of lifting even the most jaded soul, it is something that I had not realised I had been missing.


The beauty of laughter, other than to make you instantly feel good, is it’s ability to connect people. Friends are never lost over laughter, but they are frequently made.  And the best thing about it, is that its absolutely free .



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