Monday again, so soon…

This weekend has been one of the  busiest that I have had in a while, entertaining friends, having a cream pie splatted in my face, a birthday party, two sleepless nights and a face book stream full of seemingly intelligent people who intermittently lose their minds. The later is something that both amuses and irritates me.

Currently the Facebook spell of choice suggests that by changing your profile picture to your pet animal cruelty will be reduced. Now, either I am missing something here – perhaps the alignment of jupiter with the oak tree in my local park and the mobile chip van, every alternate Friday evening, that causes a cosmic energy field to make people believe face book is an imperial force of power, or people just don’t really think about what they are posting. Hmmm lets think about this…..


Social media is good. It has the power to connect people, to forge friendships ( some of my best friends were made via social media ), and yes to increase awareness of certain issues – when used correctly. But really, do you people who change your photos in response to these requests, make obscure status updates about kitchen doors and bags ( apparently to raise awareness of breast cancer) etc, really believe that what you are doing is actually making a difference? I am both baffled and amused.

Now forgive me for questioning your intelligence here, but don’t you think that if Facebook magic was this powerful we maybe should be asking people to ” copy and paste world peace” or change their pictures to the scales of justice in order to reduce corruption… Wouldn’t it be great to have a crime free world if all we had to do was change a Facebook profile picture from time to time? But wait, i hear you cry – don’t be so stupid, thats not how the world works.

I rest my case.

images.jpegSo anyway, 5 hours on my bikes this weekend,  combined with a several pints of sweat, a pair of frozen feet and glimmer of hope has left me tired but happy.  I begrudgingly dragged myself outside today, braving the biting cold rather than spending hours more sitting inside sweating on the turbo trainer, going no where fast. Although the air was crisp and my heated thermosoles decided to stop working (again) resulting in almost frostbite, it was the right choice. I had been wishing my youngest son and his two friends hadn’t been quite so energetic and vocal until so early into the morning. But I recall that being 12 and having your friends sleep over is all about not actually sleeping…… Feeling  slightly jaded but knowing an afternoon with 8 12 year olds lay ahead I decided to get out side.



Just a couple of hours of fresh air, bimbling along the country lanes was so refreshing.  Having worn practically every long sleeved cycling jersey I own served me well and aside from two blocks of ice for what were once functioning feet, I wasn’t too cold. I was freezing. On the plus side, I didn’t need an ice bath when I finished riding.  And tomorrow is Monday. And it all starts again.






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