If at first you don’t succeed….

Half term and the pool has been overflowing with hundreds of small ( and also really rather large people). Luckily  this hasn’t affected me as my designated pool is the boring one with the lane ropes, rather than the one with the slides and lazy river.

Monday saw me standing in a cubicle staring at my goggles and hat as I debated the absorbency of a sports bra and pair of running shorts. Should I swim and then miss my gym session due to a soaked kit or miss my swim…. I had forgotten a towel. I briefly considered using the giant walk in dryer after swimming but recalled it being as useful as standing under a shower, so the decision was made. No swim. This was despite various people making helpful suggestions including drying myself with a hair dryer after ( no – i didn’t have a pocket full of 20ps for the dryer), and using my knickers to dry myself ( I’m not sure how big they think my arse is….. but aside from that I would have to  have had some with me).

Yesterday I ventured back to the pool to struggle along feeling as though I’d had the life sucked out of me. On the plus side I had remembered a towel and my underwear.  Always a glutton for punishment , and with a bit more energy, I was back for  third time today. I actually enjoyed my little splash up and down the pool before I amused myself on the watt bike listening to various podcasts and laughing at my phone. As you do. Or at least as I do.  My hour of cycling passed super quickly, I barely noticed the numerous guys climbing onto the adjacent bike turning puce and getting off just as quickly as they’d hopped on. As they do.

In other news my youngest son celebrated his 12th birthday and I am collecting new glasses with a stronger prescription next week, both events confirming I need to stop pretending to be 24. I’m not sure anyone’s buying it, least of all me.




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